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I wanted to give my clients and peer groups a technology that helped them run their businesses while allowing me greater visibility into their operations. But nothing existed.
So, I built one.

And now I’m inviting you to try it with me in the Founder’s Circle.

I was frustrated. My clients were turning to me for answers and accountability, but I didn’t have the detailed visibility into their business I felt was necessary. For the peer groups I ran, it was the same story. As much as we tried to balance our lives and businesses, the check-ins, accountability reports and other work was not as effective as it could have been.

What I needed was a solution that my clients would use—even without me—to give them the visibility, structure and team accountability they wanted—while providing me with the ability to see their operations, assign them (and their teams) accountabilities and manage my own practice more effectively.

Catipult was born.

Catipult is a software solution that extends your practice while also giving your clients a real tool they will use to manage their businesses—even after your assignment with them may end.

For you, the coach, Catipult, works as a two-way mirror, with direct visibility into your client’s operations and the ability to manage multiple clients from a single log-in.

There’s much more. Catipult is an entire framework that lets you add services and a recurring software revenue stream to your practice. And I’d like to share it with you. 

I’m looking for 30 coaches and peer group leaders to join the Founders Circle.
This is a one-time offer that will last the lifetime of Catipult. Together, we’ll use the product, test new features, build roadmaps and add the transformative power of technology to coaching practices.

Hear what a member has to say:

Powered by Catipult.AI

Catipult is a software solution that extends your practice while also giving your clients a real tool they will use to manage their businesses—even after your assignment with them may end.

Spaces are limited. Apply now!

Membership Has It's Privileges

Benefits – All for $99 / month and Available only to the Founding 30
Full Training -  a $20,000 value

Catipult is both a system and a framework. You will learn how it works and how to apply it in coaching and how to expand your revenue stream and value to your clients.

Full Software Access

You will receive full access to the software, full access to all new features—in perpetuity.

Monthly Group Coaching

You will participate in monthly group coaching calls with me, Peter Fuller and other coaches.

Software Commissions

You will receive a  commission for every software license you sell to your clients. 

You Will Also Receive

  • The ability to earn more than $300,000 in coaching services revenue per year using the process, sales tools and training included.
  • The “Powered by Catipult” logo and Catipult Certification logos for your web site.
  • Use your own brand—have your clients log-in to Catipult through YOUR web site.
  • Promotions and Marketing: 
    • In-app promotions: When clients are looking for a coach, the system will prioritize founding members for coach-client pairing. 
    • Featured guest for you and your clients on my podcast.
    • Personal page on the Catipult Website

About Peter Fuller

Peter is a keynote speaker, author, entrepreneur, and founder of and the 8/6 Executive Club. While helping launch 15 companies, two industry associations, one non-profit and raising $60 million in the process, he learned first hand how much power for change exists when groups of like-minded people come together.


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